Treat Yo Self: Fresh Saké Bath

I read somewhere that Tom Ford takes 4 baths a day. The Boyfriend averages about 3 so while he doesn’t have Mr. Ford beat, we go through a copious amount of bath products.
Confession – I was never a bath person. I’m still a shower girl at heart (you just can’t wash your hair properly in a bath no matter how hard you try) but about once or twice a week it is truly amazing to unwind and take a luxurious bath. Follow that up with a face mask and that’s heaven right there. No need to shell out $$$ at a spa. 

Fresh Rice Sake Bath

Fresh Rice Sake Bath

For an incredibly luxurious bath experience, you can’t go wrong with Fresh Rice Saké Bath. We were hesitant to buy it at first when we smelled it in Sephora because it does smell like fermentation/saké (duh). But once you add this to your running bath, prepare to be amazed. It releases a sweet, soothing fragrance and adds moisturizing ingredients to your water which makes your skin silky smooth. It doesn’t make big bubbles but it does leave a thin blanket of lather in the water, which I love.  This is not cheap, but you don’t need a lot of it to make your bath dreamy. They sell it in 200mL and 400mL bottles, retailing at  $48 and $80, respectively. That’s $56 and $94 if you’re in Canada… I’ll get you a tissue because I know you’re weeping at the current exchange rate.
You can buy it at Sephora, Nordstrom, and, amongst other fine retailers.

Happy bathing!

PS: recommendations on your favorite bath products are always welcome!