A Quick Update & June Favorites

A Quick Update & June Favorites

Whoa. June is over!

Side note - sometimes my spell check says Favourites is wrong, sometimes it says Favorites is wrong. The struggle of being a hybrid Canadian/US beauty blogger.

I will spare you a paragraph of "omg how fast did this month go by" because I'm sure you know the drill by now. Yes, time goes by quickly and yes, it seems to move even quicker in the summer when we are out enjoying the sunny weather. Apologies if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and have to prepare for winter.

June hasn't been all fun and games for me since the last week of it has been spent in bed recovering from surgery on my thigh. All went well and I am recovering quickly - I should be back to work on Thursday but until then I am laying down and hobbling over to the sink like Quasimodo to get some water from time to time. I am thankful for the Internet for providing me with hours of entertainment and for the TV show New Girl for simultaneously making me laugh and cry during their Season 4 finale. 

Here are all the beauty products I have had on non-stop rotation this month with the exception of the hospital, where I looked like a homeless man:

I hope you had an awesome June and have a great holiday weekend if you're celebrating Canada Day or the 4th of July on these upcoming days! I will not be able to vlog this week or next since I'm still going to be livin' dat granny life in bed as much as possible, but I have a trip to Los Angeles planned for July which I am so excited about! I'm counting down the days until I can relax by a palm tree.

What are your plans next month?