Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

This product will forever remind me of the episode of Call Your Girlfriend (amazing podcast, highly recommend) when Amina likened the name of this product - Moonlight Catalyst - to something Gwyneth Paltrow would call her period. lolz.

Alas, Moonlight Catalyst by Kypris is here and I wanna talk about it. I've been incorporating into my skincare rotation for the last 3 months so I can get a solid sense of it and report back to you. First, some brand background: Kypris is an American skincare brand and they are vegan, all natural and organic. They only do skincare. At the moment they have 3 serums (Moonlight Catalyst being one of them), 3 face oils (I have one of them and it's amazeballs), a body oil and newly launched sunscreen primer and cleanser which I want to buy soon. Aside from being all natural and organic - they also claim to only use sustainably-obtained ingredients from women-owned farms. Oprah would be proud. I sure as hell am:

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Moonlight Catalyst retails for $72 USD for 47mL, which is quite steep. Fortunately it only takes about half a dropper of product to cover the entire face and neck area with ease. The consistency is... weird. It reminds me of my days in a biotech lab working with agar.

It's a clear runny gelatin-like consistency. It doesn't have an offensive smell and it leaves the skin slightly tacky upon application. It's a product designed to gently refine and renew the skin overnight - akin to a retinol product but minus the retinol. This means that if you have super sensitive skin and can't handle harsher peels/retinols/chemical exfoliants, this might be worthy of a try. Once It sinks into the skin after a couple of minutes I either go straight to bed or follow up with a moisturizer or face oil or both, depending on my mood. Recently I've just been using it by itself after cleansing and toning in order to get a sense of its efficacy.

I have to say, I was impressed that this actually works for me. After the giant disappointment of Sunday Riley Luna, I didn't have high hopes for this. Fortunately for my wallet, this actually visibly refined my skin texture, helped brighten my complexion in an ever-so-gentle way and caused no peeling or irritation whatsoever. The texture of the product is really my only dislike. This is totally opposite to my Sunday Riley Luna experience where I loved the texture and application of the product but saw zero results. Like with all resurfacing serums, though, you have to be consistent. Your skin is being bombarded by sun, pollution and free radicals on a daily basis so using something like this once in a blue moon just doesn't cut it. If you want good results from your skincare, you have to be consistent with it.

When I first got this product at the beginning of the year I used it very sparingly one week, then again 3 weeks after that, etc. It was only until I was using it daily for 2 weeks that I started to see a positive change in my skin. I now alternate it with a couple of other serums, depending on my skin's needs on that particular day.

In conclusion, I'm intrigued. I'm in. I'm eagerly waiting to use upI especially recommend looking into this if you have sensitive skin with texture issues/hyperpigmentation/dull complexion. It also has Caroline Hiron's seal of approval, which is an added bonus. Check out Kypris Beauty here. You can also find it online at Detox Market or at several indie beauty boutiques across the USA/Canada as well as Selfridges in the UK)