Monthly Favorites

It's that time again... time to unwind and watch your beauty-obsessed internet friend (AKA ME!) gush about her favorite beauty products for the month.

I will never get sick of watching favorites videos. There's just something so relaxing about watching someone talk about their favorite beauty finds and tricks. I always end up going into a Google frenzy after I watch someone's favorites video - case in point Allana's latest favorites drop is making me lust for the MAC 170 foundation brush - but before I get carried away here, let's revisit the products I reached for the most this month:

We've got an even mix of haircare, skincare and makeup this time around. My scalp has been flaky, the ends of my hair have been dry and my skin has been on a dehydrated downward spiral... I managed to reel things in with some awesome night creams and some gentle exfoliating products that I'll be revisiting in more detail on this blog in the coming weeks.

What have you been reaching for the most recently?