Rubber Face Masks, Revisited

I have dabbled in rubber masks before, without much luck (read all about it here), but I wasn't giving up on them. The concept is just too cool, and they're all the rage in Korea! A rubber mask is a mask that you mix yourself - it comes in powder form, you add water, apply to face and as the minutes pass the mask gets more stiff and becomes a "rubbery" texture that you then peel off. 

The mask I tried this time around is by Lindsay. Lindsay is a Korean skincare brand that you can find online at Glow Recipe. They retail for $6 each and come in all sorts of types, depending on your skin concern. I tried the Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Rubber Mask which aims to soothe irritated skin and improve hydration. I love the fact that it comes in a little cup - it reminds me of instant noodle soup. Inside it also comes with a plastic spoon/applicator. You add water to the cup (there's a fill line that guides you) and then you stir and apply to the face. It was a much more enjoyable mask-making experience than the Bliss mask I had tried in the past... I love that it comes in its own cup so you don't have to make any of your dishes dirty with it. 

The colour is a pale orange and it got a little clumpy because I was too excited to actually stir the stuff properly. I would recommend adding a small amount of water at a time and stirring as you go, to prevent clumps. At any rate, clumps and all, I still got it on my face and had it on for 10-15 minutes after I peeled it off. The scent was very subtle and clean, and after I peeled it off my skin felt soothed and hydrated. It did exactly what it claimed it would do. My acne inflammation areas were reduced in redness and my pores looked more refined. I applied some hydrating serum afterwards, my face oil and then went to bed a very happy customer.

If you're in the mood to check out a fun new face mask (among other awesome Korean skincare goodies) take a look at all the wonderful options Glow Recipe has to offer!