Currently On The Eye Cream Menu

Currently On The Eye Cream Menu

"What are we in the mood for? A gel? A whipped cream? A rich mask?"
- strange conversations I have with myself when applying my skincare

My current eye care roundup has all the bases covered. I've been using these products regularly as part of my routine and am really happy with my under-eye area at the moment.


During the day, my weapon of choice is the vbeaute Eye Lube Intense Eye Serum. I think the brand went out of business because their availability is almost non-existent now but this was sent to me by a PR agency ages ago and I've been using it for months. It's really nice. The texture is refreshing and light. It plumps and smooths the under-eye area without it feeling greasy or sticky. I really enjoy using this in the morning and it sits well under make-up. 

Sadly since this is no longer available I will have to find something else once I use it up (perhaps go back to this serum that I loved last year or discover something new). There's a hefty amount of product in the bottle so I can see it lasting until the summer, at least. You'll know what I pick up in my next empties & new products video, for sure :)


In the evening I have been alternating between two products: First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Eye Cream and Aveda tulasฤraโ„ข Wedding Eye Masque.

The First Aid Beauty eye cream is a great "no fuss" do-it-all type of product. When my skin is feeling dry, I use it during the day too and sometimes layer with the vbeaute serum. It has no fragrance, it's not greasy and it has a light and comforting texture. It sinks in super quickly.

First Aid Beauty Eye Cream

First Aid Beauty Eye Cream

The Aveda eye masque was a pleasant surprise. My boyfriend and I had a running inside joke for weeks that there is no such thing as an evening eye mask and then lo and behold, this shows up in my mailbox. I love the design of the pot and the texture of this product is LOVELY.


It's densely packed in the tub but it's nowhere near as greasy as something like Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. It disperses evenly in a thin layer on the eye area and leaves a slight oily residue behind. I don't mind that, since it's supposed to be a masque after all. The marketing messaging claims that this product will leave your eye area feel so bright and refreshed as if it was your wedding day *raises eyebrow*.


Unnecessary matrimonial messaging aside, this is a very nice hydrating skincare product for the eyes. You will like this if your under-eye area is dry and you are battling dehydration and dullness. This will liven up the skin and soften the appearance of fine lines without feeling too heavy or give you milia. 

What's your current under-eye skincare routine? Do you give in to any targeted eye treatments or do you just use your regular moisturizer all over?

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