Indie Lee Clearing Mask

There's Sunday (Riley), Tata (Harper), May (Lindstrom), and Kat (Burki) and now we have Indie Lee. The world of high-performing green beauty friendly lady-driven skincare businesses is growing, and I love it. Indie Lee is the latest brand I am dabbling in.

When testing the waters of a skincare brand, I like to start with a cleanser and a mask. The cleanser review will come later. On today's agenda is the Indie Lee Clearing Mask - a product geared towards congested skin with promises to detoxify and purify in a gentle manner. 

indie lee clearing mask

This mask got me smitten once I read the ingredients list. Bentonite Clay (draws out impurities), Zinc Oxide (soothes & protects), Colloidal Sulfur (anti acne), Salicylic Acid (anti acne), Glycolic Acid (dissolves dead skin cells), Hyaluronic Acid (improves hydration), glycerin (hydrates)??? OH YAS! GIVE IT TO ME. My acne-ridden chin is very #blessed to have this in its life. 

The texture is more akin to toothpaste than a traditional clay mask, and it has a beautiful pale pastel blue color. It glides over the skin with ease and has a slight cooling sensation due to trace amounts of camphor. I leave it on for about 20 minutes, applying it solely on congested areas (this mask is perfect for multi-masking!)

After rinsing, any congestion is reduced drastically and my skin is left feeling soothed and comfortable. There's no tight feeling after this mask, and it gets a big thumbs up from me. At $60 a pop it is quite pricy but you do not need to slap on a thick layer of it. With it being a "spot treatment" mask, it will also last you a while before needing to replenish. You can pick it up from Dermstore and take advantage of a discount as they often run 20% off sales. 

I'm excited to explore more products by the brand. What are some of your favorite skincare brands and products at the moment?

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