Monday Wishlist - Autumn Styling


I have been in such a craze over fall clothing lately, it's hard to control myself. I want every velvet chunky heeled boot I come across, every loafer, every Gucci fur-lined slip-on, every shade of grey turtleneck bell sleeve cozy knit in existence. Send help. Or a big fat Nordstrom gift card. 

Here's what's on my wish list lately, starting off with boots. Ankle boots have got to be one of my favorite fashion items ever invented. They are cool, comfortable (for the most part), and give just about any outfit a bit of edge to it. I particularly love pairing ankle boots with distressed boyfriend jeans or a pair of cropped trousers for an edgy look. This season, velvet is huge, as are chunkier heels.

It's all in the details

Nothing gets me more excited in a new fashion season than a classic piece with an interesting twist to it. These blouses caught my eye because although they were quite basic pieces, each has a tiny detail that makes it stand out from the crowd. A patch of animal print here, a bow there, you get the drill. As for the jeans, I am fully converted to this raw staggered hem that's super hot this season. I DIY-ed a pair last week to see if I would like it, and I'm obsessed. Ready to invest in this gorgeous high waisted black pair by FRAME denim.

Gettin' cozy

Finally, knits and cozy things. It wouldn't be fall without the addition of some new knits (I almost typed knew knits). I've got a thing for light grey right now as it's not quite as serious as black and it looks more comforting when in a knit. Add in a pretty dress for layering purposes and I'm a happy camper.

What fashion items are you lusting for this season?