Phyto Phytoelixir Oil Treatment

Phyto Phytoelixir Oil Treatment

Dry Hair. Nobody wants it, nobody likes it, but unfortunately it happens. If you regularly heat style and/or colour treat your hair, you are familiar with the phenomenon. Well, listen up because the kind folk at Phyto want to help the problem. Enter the PHYTOELIXIR range.

I have had wonderful results from Phyto in the past so I was thrilled to test out their latest range geared towards damaged and dry hair. The whole line is rich and nurturing. There is a luxurious hair mask, a nifty "cleansing cream" if you want the gentlest cleanse possible and my favorite product: the Subtle Oil.

Phytoelixir Subtle Oil

This is a gorgeous nutrient-rich oil that isn't cloying and overly heavy (fine hair ladies, rejoice!) but at the same time sinks into the hair super quickly and starts working as soon as it's applied. This is designed to work as a pre-washing treatment. You slap it on before you hop in the shower to wash your hair. You can leave it in anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight depending on your hair status. The consistency is thin and easy to spread. A couple of pumps are enough for the damaged ends of my hair. You not apply this at the root, but rather focus on the mid lengths and ends. That's where I have the most damage from bleaching. I like to leave it in for about an hour while I do my self tanning with St. Tropez Express mousse and then rinse out in the shower. The oil rinses out with ease and leaves hair feeling incredibly soft and nourished.

I would recommend it to all hair types, thick, course, fine and everything in between. It won't weigh your hair down if you have fine thin hair like I do, and it will soak up quickly and is easy to massage through thicker coarser hair. I used to use coconut oil on my ends but found it leaving my hair greasy looking and it was hard to wash out. This is a perfect luxurious alternative.