In & Out: I

Since work and my summer classes have been slightly taking over my life, I haven't really gotten the chance to try anything new and exciting quite yet. I am still battling with my Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation since now that it's getting hot out, I feel like a giant grease ball at the end of the day. Bare Minerals and MAC Studio fix powder are doing the job during the day, but what will I do when I need a bit more coverage? The search continues...

Until then, I will entertain you all (or at least attempt to) with one of these fun "In & Out" posts of things I am enjoying at the moment, and things that I am not:

- the scent of Chloe perfume. I keep spraying myself with it whenever I see it in the store.
- finding really good quality soft cotton basic shirts at Hollister (a store that I haven't visited since high school). They smell really nice too, and the seagull logo is hardly visible. Score!
- OPI's Mod About You nailpolish... LOVE! So pigmented and creamy.
- getting a dazzleglass when I "back 2 mac-ed" today (Baby Sparks)
- spending some time with a few close girlfriends tonight
- the Toronto trip that I am taking with my boyfriend and all of our friends in about two weeks
- getting paid tomorrow :)

- I am out of bronzer and I need to find a replacement ASAP. I'm thinking Guerlain tomorrow.
- the price of the Chloe perfume. $120 for 75 mL. *faints*
- my twitchy eye
- every time I have the day off work, it rains all day.
- my twitchy eye (yes it's so annoying that I had to post it twice)

Hope you are all having a great week, it's half done, yay!