Lip combination du jour I

So I plan on doing a bunch of these things, over the course of the next few weeks or so, with whatever combination of lip products I'm enchanted with at the moment.
I tried to photograph it but today's sunshine somehow managed to disappear in a matter of minutes under a disgusting blanket of clouds. But try it out nonetheless if you have the products, and see what happens!

St. Germain lipstick & Oyster Girl lipglass

Both by MAC. Both are looooovely together. I find that Oyster girl somehow neutralizes the yellow-pink undertones of St. Germain, so it won't make your teeth look yellow (which St. Germain often does to me when I wear it by itself). It's a beautiful cool pink combination, and today I am sporting it with some Circa Plum pigment on the eyes.

I really wish it would have photographed well. Sadly, with flash it just washed every colour out, and daylight is scarce at the moment.
What are you wearing today?

UPDATE: Now looking through my twitpic history, I posted a picture of me wearing it a few weeks ago! So here we go: