MagnifiSCENT! A perfume post.

It's noon and I am still in bed. Working at 7 - 5 for the past few days has gotten to me, and I really needed a "lay around" kind of day. Besides, it's rainy and cloudy out, so my motivation to be productive is quite low... until I have to get ready for work in the afternoon, of course.

I figured I should do a little post on some of my favourite perfumes and things I've tried on in the store recently that I'm really itching to buy!

I'll start off with the lighter, summer scents:

Burberry's "The Beat" and Gucci's "Envy Me"

I am not good at describing perfume notes and all that, so I'm going to keep things simple and not blabber on about what I like about them. I used Envy Me all summer 2 years ago and I want to re-purchase it this year. The Beat I've had since last year and it's still going strong. It is bright and fresh, just a happy scent, if that makes any sense.

Next up we have my two "everyday" fragrances - I wear them to work, or I keep one in my purse for random refreshing throughout the day:

Lacoste's "Touch Of Pink" and Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy Dare"

I've been wearing the Lacoste one for about 4 years. I always manage to find it cheaper at places like Nordstrom Rack. In Canada, to buy it at Shopper's Drug Mart or The Bay, or even at a Lacoste store it's quite a rip-off. You end up saving about $40 by finding it at a discount department store! The Victoria's Secret one was a recent discovery I made when I went to Florida a couple of months ago. It was on sale for $10 or something ridiculous like that, so I bought it.

Next up we have my favourite winter scents. These remind me of wearing thick scarves around my neck:

Burberry "Brit" and Armani "Code"

The Burberry one had to grow on me, and I only like it when I wear sweaters for some reason, since it's quite heavy. The bottle is unimpressive but the scent is quite unique.
Armani Code is an all-time favourite, I can wear this all year and I'll be happy!

Honourable mentions:

Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue" and Givenchy "Very Irresistible"

Both are excellent year-round scents, very interesting and different. Light Blue smells amazing, but a lot of people have this and like it, so I tend to never wear it alone. I pair it with The Beat or the Victoria's Secret one for some added "oomph". The Givenchy perfume is rich and strong, I save it for special occasions or nights when I'm really dressed up (for weddings or New Year's eve... things like that).

I hope you enjoyed a magnifiscent journey in the world of fragrances with me, and please don't hesitate to share your favourites in the comment section!

Aside from the Victoria's Secret perfume and a re-purchase of Lacoste's Light Pink, I haven't made any new fragrance purchases this year, I'm hoping to get the new Burberry Summer perfume or the Chloe Perfume (if the bottle of this was an article of clothing, I'd probably wear it haha... it's just so cute).

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day, everyone!