My love-hate relationship with Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream

Have you ever encountered a product whose existence you praise one day and you want to throw it out the window the next day? If you have, welcome to my relationship with Clarins "Delicious" self tanning cream.

I suppose I should start off like all relationships, and talk about the good:
It smells like you'd expect: delicious. I have it on as we speak and it feels like there's some sort of chocolate/caramel cake on my face. There is no strange chemical scent that often seems to accompany self tanners.
The consistency and the look of the cream in the jar is luscious as well. Also, the resulting tan is very nice and natural. A golden colour that mimics my normal tan. It also lasts a good 3 or 4 days. I find that it looks best on the second day because all the gross tint leftovers have completely dissappeared (mentioned below, in the "problem" section).

Now, here's my problem:
The cream is tinted to supposedly help you see where you're applying the product. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but the "tint" does not distribute evenly at all, and some patches on my skin remain un-tinted even though I could have sworn I put product on that area! Also, it takes forever to sink in. Literally I'll be sitting here for an hour and there's still sticky gunk all over me. I'm basically immobilized when I put this on before bed. I have to stand as straight as possible and stare at my laptop and waste time (which is quite easy for me to do...haha) for about an hour before I can go to bed without worrying about wiping something off.

The result: uneven and difficult application... and an unappealing build-up of the "tint" that accumulates in crevices down the neck and around the nose. I look like I've had a mud-fight when I wake up to wash my face in the morning. It takes a thorough wash to get all the leftover tint from my skin.

Now, maybe I am picking apart at these things because I am a novice in self tanning. This is the first self tanning product that I have ever tried, but in all honesty - is self tanning really such a drag? Is it normal to have to stay as still as possible for an hour in order to not "disturb" the process? Is it normal to have disgusting uneven tint all over my face while the tan develops? I can't even itch my face right now because if I do, I will end up with a white patch in the part I scratch. I paid about $60 (Canadian, including tax) for this thing. For this price, I don't think it's worth the struggle.

Yes, as I mentioned before, the result is nice, but as soon as I finish with this jar, I doubt I'll be repurchasing. I'm eyeing the St. Tropez mousse since its 60 second drying time seems to be the answer to most of my problems.

What have your experiences been with self tanners? At the moment I am unimpressed. If they're all this much of a bother, I don't think I'll ever be able to make the switch from laying outside in the summer to putting creams all over myself before going to bed every other night.