As I was rummaging through the shelves of my local Shoppers Drug Mart (the oh so famous Canadian Drugstore), I picked up another can of my beloved Batiste dry shampoo, and ventured over to the make-up section where I stared at the Bonne Bell section for a good 10 minutes. This brand provided me with my very first lipgloss back in grade 9. I decided to give it another try, so I bought one of these:

Bonne Bell Lip Lites in "Cappucino"

I ripped the packaging open in the car and immediately applied it. It took about 0.45 seconds for me to realize that I love this product. I'm pretty sure I heard Laura (lollipop26) and Michele (Michele1218) mention this gloss before. The texture is very comparable to the MAC Cremesheen glosses, only at a fraction of the price ($5.99 versus $21, in Canadian dollars), and as an added bonus, they taste great and the smell of cappuccino is delicious. This particular shade gives my lips the exact same effect that MAC's "Boy Bait" cremesheen gloss does!

I came home a very happy camper today... I guess it doesn't take too much to cheer me up... haha