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I lack a better title for this: Recent Purchases & OOTD

SandraCosmetics, Fashion, OOTD
So over the past few weeks I have been picking up things here & there, and after giving some things a try I decided to do a quick post about it! Here they are:

It's a little bit of everything: Lush, Dior, MAC and drugstore - my weapon of choice being Shoppers Drug Mart

Honey, I Washed The Kids: I finally decided to get that Honey I Wash the Kids soap, having just finished my Sultana Of Soap soap (which I really love, minus the random dried fruit it leaves behind at the bottom of my shower). It smells good but I wouldn't go bananas over it. It lathers OK, just like any other soap, to be honest. It looks very cute with the honeycomb design at the top.

American Cream: I really wanted to try this hair conditioner after seeing Tiffany D talk about it in a vide a few days ago. It smells great and I don't mind changing conditioners from time to time. I am a loyal Aveda Color Conserve shampoo & conditioner user, but every now and then I switch it up because I get tired of the same old scent. My hair has been feeling a bit dull lately and is due for some extra moisture.

MAC "Forever Green" Powerpoint eyeliner: I like powerpoint eyeliners, and after swatching this, I fell in love. I originally went in to see if my MAC had Euristocrats stuff out yet (it didn't), but it had Graphic Gardens which I was unimpressed by, so I just opted for this beautiful eyeliner. It works very nicely with brown eyes when put on the waterline and smudged in the bottom lash line.

Dior Addict Colour Reviving Lip balm: This is really cool. Similar concept to the O-glow line by Smashbox but in a way more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing packaging. The box and lip balm itself are just so pretty! Very moisturizing, smells great, and turns a customized shade meant to enhance your natural lip colour. Mine goes a very nice rosey coral colour. I've seen hot pink on others. I guess it depends on your lip pigmentation. I put Underage on top of it today, good stuff.

Diorshow Waterproof: This doesn't budge. After a gross 10 hour work day last week I got home only to look at my reflection in the mirror and see that my mascara had transferred to the top of my brow bone and I looked like an idiot, so I knew it was time to go back to ol' faithful - which for me is Diorshow Waterproof. I like this a lot better than the regular Diorshow, and it doesn't dry out as fast. I have pretty big eyes so I don't mind the giant brush, either.

Cetaphil cleanser: After finishing a terrible Neutrogena grapefruit-scented cleanser and my MAC Lightful cleanser last week, I decided it was time for me to try this. The wonderful Lorraine always raves about this and how it helped out her skin a lot, so I'm giving it a try. So far so good. I am planning on buying the moisturizer as well as soon as I run out of my Clinique one.

My skin is going crazy again and I ran out of my trusty Mario Badescu drying cream, so I have to stick it out another couple of days before I can get to a place that sells his products... a spa about 40 minutes away. I'm hoping to also get the Drying Mask, Buffering Lotion aaand Healing Mask. I have great faith in his products. Drying Cream has been the only thing I've used on breakouts that worked. I've used prescription strength stuff before, drugstore, high end, you name it. This was the best. Plus, he's Romanian, which is pretty cool!

Alright, so before I get too rambly, I'd like to conclude this with an "outfit of the night" - what I wore last night to a casino/night out birthday party of one of my best friends. I didn't get the chance to photograph the eye makeup, but I didn't steer too far from the basics. I did a "lollipop26 approved" combination of Sable and Carbon on the eye :)

Blouse: Hugo Boss
Belt: sniped it from a BCBG dress
Shorts: Guess
Shoes: no clue where I got them from. I have a shoe collecting problem haha

I'm not really into accessorizing too much, I like keeping it simple - so a classic Tissot watch and a thin, feminine Paloma Picasso style heart necklace in gold.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and an even greater Monday (yeah right. Mondays are never great).