Look what the MAC cat dragged in...

Alright, so... I did it. I went back against my word not to get anything from the Style Warriors collection. But as time went on, I started really thinking about how cool Mercenary would look on my nails this summer (yes, it's rather sad that I spend time actually thinking about these things - but what else am I supposed to do at work when it's completely deserted at 8 in the morning ;)

So today, I took the plunge and I went in to buy Mercenary. As I was browsing around and turning my hands into frosty shades of gold with the help of the Solar Bits, I spotted the lustre drops and remembered Lisa (Lisasz09) talking about the Bronze Hero luster drops and how she used it to darken her foundation. Since I just bought (and fell in love) with Dior Nude and it matches my untanned face, I swatched Bronze Hero lustre drop on my hand and it looked SO good, I had to have it! I was envisioning it with Dior Nude having a happy union together once I'm nice and tanned, haha. Initially I was turned off by these luster drop things because I thought they'd feel heavy and be too shimmery. Not at all. Bronze Hero offered a great warm glow, and it dried quickly and left no greasy residue on my hand.

Sandra = a happy camper. Except I don't really camp.

PS: I also tried on a ridiculous bright pink full skirt at H&M today. I liked it, but it was way out of my comfort zone... I wish it was black or navy blue :(