In & Out: IV

Happy saturday, everyone! Here's what's up and down for me today:

- the computers being down for about 4 hours at work, meaning no returns... hahaha
- a new season of Entourage is coming up
- new season of Big Brother just started
- Chuck & Blair are still together on Gossip Girl
- I watch too much TV
- having the day off tomorrow :)
- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I can't even being to tell you how excited I am about this. One of my favourite books in the series (perhaps second-favourite, the favourite being Goblet of Fire). It's getting great reviews, has a new director and the trailers for it are amazing, I love it. The kid they got to play the young Tom Riddle is so scary!
- Italy, Germany and Romania in just over a week!!! I am so excited to get out of here.
- Mario Badescu drying mask. It sucks up the excess oils and makes my skin just right for Chanel Pro Lumiere after. Yay.

- way too hot and muggy out
- a giant fly is in my room and buzzing like crazy.
- the Alexander Wang Coco. I'm over it. Saving my money to travel instead ;)
- black furniture. I am sick of dusting my dresser daily.