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The consequences...

SandraBudget, Cosmetics, Fashion, Personal
Since I have just planned another vacation, it means I have to buckle down and save save save! Some sacrifices have to be made, right? So for me, that means no more shopping for a little while - especially since I just googled Florence vintage shopping and have seen what awaits.

Here is what I'll be sacrificing *prices in Canadian Dollars* :

- repurchasing Studio Fix powder (after 7 years of continuing, loving use, it's time to take a break) This saves me about $30
- the NARS Pleasures of Paris eyeshadow palette (bummer, but I'm sure in a few months it will be forgotten and a new fabulous palette invention will take its place) This saves me about $55
- the Chanel Murano eyeshadow quad (again, I own too much eyeshadow anyways) This saves me about $50
- Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder (I have Blot Powder to finish...) This saves me about $50
- upcoming eyeshadows from the MAC Style Black collection This saves me around $20-$40
- Chanel's Jade nailpolish This saves me about $25

Altogether that's $250 already! Could pay for my hotel in Rome. I'm motivated and focused on loving my current makeup collection and will not make impulse purchases until I run out of an essential component (i.e. foundation). Fingers crossed!

As for clothes shopping sacrifices, bye bye planned over-the-knee boots and white Alexander Wang T-shirt. I think they're worth sacrificing over the awesome unique things I may find on my travels.

Here's to hoping that I can stick to my plan :)
Happy weekend, everyone!