In & Out: VII


- Ritter Sport chocolate. So many varieties, so delicious.

- OPI Nailpolish in "Can You Tapas This?" from the new Spain collection. It's a deep, dark blood red (think deoxygenated blood, if you're a science nerd like me haha), great texture, no streaks. Went opaque in one coat, but I added a second coat for more darkness.

- Operation WHITER TEETH! I've finally resurrected my forgotten electric tooth brush (new brush head and everything) and purchased some Crest White Strips Advance, and I'm hoping to see results. With the upcoming dark lipsticks of fall, you have to have nice white teeth, right? :)

- The scents of the new D&G perfumes. They came out with 6 new ones, all in pretty boring bottles with numbers in their names, but oh man, they smell divine. I've smelt 3 so far and loved them, so I'm sure the other 3 are fantastic as well. So far, "La Lune" was my favourite one. I'm really thinking of buying it. So nice!

- learning new recipes to cook (from mom). Gotta prepare for adulthood, you know...


- tooth sensitivity :( ... with those Crest Whitestrips comes some sharp pain, and I'm not loving it so much. Hopefully by tomorrow it's not as bad.

- my entire department at work decided to book Halloween off. It will be interesting to see who gets the day off haha... I suppose some girls just don't understand the purpose of "there are 6 numbered lines on the time book-off sheet, thus only 6 girls are allowed to book the day off". The small space in the time book-off sheet is filled with random scribbles of literally EVERYONE in the department asking for the day off. I don't know what's worse, the fact that so many people are desperately into Halloween or that ME, who was 3rd on the list, will end up having to work because of some other person's stupidity. GRR!! *Disclaimer* I'm not even into Halloween, I booked the day off because I'm going to a concert that night! Sigh...

That's about it. Nothing more to complain about, other than True Blood ends this week so that's a bummer. I suppose I'll have the start of a new Gossip Girl season to tie me over :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will hopefully get back into the swing of things and do a cute little outfit post tomorrow, I'm attending an engagement party and I think I have an outfit in mind for it. Stay tuned!

Take care of yourselves, and each other... hahaha (you know it's time to go to bed when you start quoting Jerry Springer)