SandraTag, Personal

One Word Tag!

SandraTag, Personal
I saw this tag as I was catching up on one of my favourite blogs (Bubblegarm) and decided to tag myself and do it :) ... so here goes:

Questions with one-word answers

Where's your cell phone: hmm...
Your hair: ponytail
Your mother: energetic
Your father: working
Favorite food: healthy
Dream last night: none
Favorite drink: tea
What room are you in: living
Hobby: reading
Fear: dark
Where were you last night: boyfriend's
Something that you aren't: arrogant
Muffins: yuck
Wish list item: puppy
Where did you grow up: Romania
What are you wearing: pyjamas
Your pets: wishlist
Friends: busy
Something you're not wearing: socks
Favorite store: :)
Favorite color: gray
Last time you laughed: today
Your best friend: mom
Best place you go to over and over: Toronto
Person who emails you regularly: haha
Favourite place to eat: Italy!

Feel free to do this if you're just lounging around and looking for something fun to do. Consider yourselves tagged :) Enjoy your weekend, everyone, and catch you later!