After falling in love with the above picture I felt the urge to hunt for a pair of shoes similar to those. A bold platform sandal is missing from my shoe collection, and I've been scouring the internet for contenders.
Burberry Prorsum and those crazy lucite platform Fendi sandals come to mind but with the hefty $1000+ price tag, they are far beyond my reach.

So far the closest I've come are these:

By good ol' Miss Sixty. They have the perfect amount of texture. Only drawback to these is that I own a very similar pair - except without a platform, so I'm not completely sold on these.
What shoe styles have you been eyeing?

If you've come across anything similar to the beautiful bow platform sandals in the first photo, please don't hesitate to let me know :)

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

PS: Due to popular demand (and poll results)... a minuscule blog sale is coming next week! I have 5 cosmetic items (MAC & Urban Decay) in great condition that are in dire need of new owners, as well as a couple of fashion items that I will be putting on here (or on e-bay). Stay tuned.