In & Out #... (I lost count!)


Remember me?

I have been so awful at blogging this month, and I hate it! I've barely been able to put up a couple of quick videos in the meantime.
I have had a cold for about 2 weeks and it's been making me extra groggy and tired. I'm not sure why but every year I get a big cold at the beginning of summer. I don't get sick in the fall or winter like normal people, no. I get sick when it's hot and beautiful out (go figure).

Anyways, here's what mattered to me in the meantime:


- the hunt for the perfect bright coral/red nailpolish for summer.
My inspiration for this is Olivia Palermo, who is probably the worst person to watch on that TV show she's on, The City. Her beautiful outfits make her more bearable but other than that she's just an awkward biatch (pardon my french). She's certainly getting the bad end of the video editing stick.

Everything about the picture is beautiful - but let's focus on the nails! Any recommendations for a similar colour, ladies? I need your help! The reds I've tried so far are too berry-toned and cool.

- new blush. My blush collection has slightly expanded with the addition of some new colours by MAC and NARS (see YouTube channel) and I'm enjoying them all.

- french braids. I've been in a hair rut and it's too hot to leave it down. French braids are a stylish and simple solution to the problem :)

- glycolic acid peels. I do them at home and they've significantly helped decongest my skin. Dare I say I haven't broken out in over a month? (minus a few spots from trying a new foundation). Blog post about them soon and an updated Skincare Video will go up when I get back from vacation.

- LAS VEGAS! leaving next thursday and currently trying to plan out places to go for dinner and drinks and all that jazz.. feel free to leave me any suggestions :)


- Packing. I'm not good at making decisions.

- My cold.

- American Idol. Now that Simon's gone (and after the lackluster season that just ended) will it really be as fun to watch as it was before? I don't think so.

- The Gossip Girl season 3 finale. Lame.

- Having to go to work on such a beautiful day

That's about it for me. Let me know what you guys have been up to :)