Happy friday! (although here it's a rainy one)

I haven't done one of these little "me drooling over things I see online" posts in a while, so it's time for one. Today's theme is rompers.

How do you feel about them? I hated them last year. This year, I'm slowly warming up to them.
I tried a bunch on the other day in Target and while many of them made me look like Aladdin (the ones that fit me at the top were way too baggy at the bottom), I walked away with a cute gray one - there's a picture of it somewhere in my Project 356 Flickr photo album, linked on the right hand side of my blog.

While my love for them is still undecided, I stumbled across a romper that I'd definitely take home. I loved it so much that I figured it deserves its own little post.

The "TT Collection" Tony Romper

This is the romper for me! Black, white, complete with cute beaded detailing at the waist. *sigh*

The only thing not cool about it? The price. At $264 it's not exactly in the "Target romper" range. I think it's too much to spend on a romper, a piece whose longevity in the fashion world is questionable. I don't know about you, but when I spend over $200 on something, I'd like to wear it for more than one season.

However, this is so easy to recreate! I will hunt cheaper stores (like Target/H&M/Forever21) for a similar romper, add a little something to the waist and, if I'm successful, will do a little Cheap Thrill blog post to showcase my victory. This can also be easily recreated using two different pieces, but that would take it away from the Romper category.

What have you been lusting for this week?