In & Out (number unknown)


- having the next 2 days off from work. I get to watch my beloved World Cup games and enjoy the sunshine outside.

- someone returned my missing phone! Thank you, anonymous, wherever you are!

- going for walks with friends late in the evening... the temperature is just perfect

- Benefit Hoola bronzer. It's giving me the perfect natural bronze.

- using up some of my older Limited Edition MAC lipglasses: Naked Space and She Loves Candy have been getting a lot of love recently.

- Drake's new album. I don't listen to a lot of hip-hop because 95% of it is crap, but Thank Me Later is fantastic.

- NARS Eurydice Eyeshadow duo: the perfect dramatic purple smokey eye, every time. Makes my greenish-brown eyes stand out like nothing else.

- the vuvuzela at World Cup. Everyone seems to hate them, but I don't. I think they add character to the championship.


- the fact that it's taking my cellphone provider 3 days to reactivate my account. It's just a big pain. I hate being phone-less, I feel so disconnected...

- the fact that I'm so attached to technology. I literally mourned the loss of my phone when I thought it was gone forever haha

- Makeup Forever HD Foundation, such a disappointment! It does nothing for me, the coverage is OK and the foundation blends well, but the finish just does nothing for me - it highlights my acne scarring and has poor lasting power on my oily skin.