Post-Holiday In & Outs


- Chanel's Taupe Gris eyeshadow... been obsessed with this ever since I bought it and I try to find excuses to wear it daily

- royal blue toenails

- Barcelona! Fell in love with this city this past week... I spent last thursday up until this tuesday there and I am dying to go back. Amazing food, perfect weather, and great company :)

- KAIN label T-shirts & tanks... the most perfect and soft blends of silk and micromodal jersey... so sexy and sheer and loose-fitting; I cannot say enough good things about them!

- MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara: I have found my Holy Grail! I also love YSL Faux Cils but I find that the MUFE is a more intense black and smudges less... it is also cheaper and thus a winner in my books!

- end of summer weather... balmy, breezy, sunny... the start of fall/end of summer weather has always been my favourite

- Nutella


- Topshop... I was so disappointed! Yes, I saw a ton of cute stuff at the Topshops in London but the prices were absolutely insane for the quality of the items. Most of that stuff was Forever21 quality at best, and yet they still charged 70-80 pounds for a dress that was maybe worth $30. I bought a ring from there for 12 pounds and it broke in half the very first time I wore it. Big fat disappointment!

- post-holiday blues... I literally feel like I need bed rest for a week to recover haha

- back to work and school next week! ho hum...

- rain! It rained every day when I was in London, and now that I came home, it started raining here too...

- losing my Tiffany bow earrings on holiday :( must get them replaced ASAP!

Hope you all had a good couple of weeks while I was gone!