Wrrrrap me up!

I've been obsessing over wrap bracelets lately...

My wrists are very small and most statement bracelets (the gorgeous cuffs and bangles that look amazing on everyone else) look strange and loose on me.

I had given up on bracelets until gorgeous leather wrap bracelets started capturing my attention. Wrap bracelets don't discriminate against small wrists and come in a myriad of textures, colours and sizes.

Obviously I have chosen the neutral ones (haha):

From left to right:
1. Chan Luu 2. Burberry Prorsum
2. Giles & Bother 3. Alexander McQueen

When I finally take the wrap-bracelet plunge, I'll be sure to post about what I have chosen.
Until then I sit and admire...

What new accessory have you been lusting over?

- Sandra