Review: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Happy wednesday!

I just finished recording a video with a quick review of the foundation that I have been using lately - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - and I wanted to do a blog post to go along with it since I wanted to post some more pictures to show how this foundation looks on the skin.

Without flash:

With flash:

(I am also wearing MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and L'Oreal blush in W5-6 "Subtle Sable")

Click here to see the video!

Overall, I am liking this foundation very much.
Here's a quick screenshot of what the Armani website has to say about their lovely product:

They've pretty much described it spot-on.

I am quite pale now and am using shade #5 for the winter. It's not a perfect match (it's slightly more pink than my skintone) but it's easy to make it work.

In the video I blab on and on about how easy it is to blend - and it's true. Probably one of the easiest to blend foundations I've used to date. Also has the most natural look as well.
I apply it with my fingers since with a traditional foundation brush (I have the MAC 190) it looks a bit streaky. The fingers are often the best tools when it comes to blending in more emolient/watery foundations such as this one.

-Feels completely weightless on the skin.
-Photographs well (contains no SPF)
-Easy to blend (takes less time to get ready!)
-Natural skin-line finish (not too matte, not too dewy)

-$59 in US, $65 in Canada (and probably even more in other parts of the world!)
-If you have oily/combination skin, it does need setting powder
-poor lasting power on oilier skins
-Wouldn't be a suitable summer foundation (lacks SPF and doesn't combat major oiliness)

For me, the pros definitely outweighed the cons for winter. When my skin needs a bit more moisture, this foundation is quite perfect.

For the summer, I am not so sure... my skin does get quite oily and this foundation is not very resistant on that skin type. They do make a UV version of this foundation that's catered to oilier skins that I would be interested in trying.

At the Armani counter when the make-up artist applied it on me, she used an Armani pressed powder foundation to set it and I was amazed at how flawless it looked and how long it lasted without touch-ups.
The powder contained an SPF of 35 which would make it ideal for summer time... so watch this space, I may get that in a few months and keep you updated.

Have you tried this foundation before?
Do you have any other recommendations by Armani or do you find the brand over priced and over rated?
I'm always keen to read your opinions!

Have a great holiday season and keep an eye out for some much overdue Outfit Of The Day posts! It's the holiday party season after all :)


- Sandra