SandraNail Polish, O.P.I.

Winter nailpolish goodness...

SandraNail Polish, O.P.I.
I love digging into the depths of my nailpolish bin and re-discovering an old love.

This post's subject is a very cool dark nailpolish shade, perfect for winter!
I've been wearing it for the past week and have really been enjoying it. It's "Suzi Skiis In The Pyrenees" by OPI. It was part of their Spain collection last year.

Initially you'd think "oh it's just black" but no, my friends, it is not quite black! The best way for me to describe this quite unusual shade is... a murky charcoal.

It offers the drama of a black nail but with a slight softness to it. You can really see the "murky" qualities of the colour once I photographed the bottle with flash:

The consistency is quite runny yet in two thin layers, if applied carefully, you can get opaque coverage. Since it's not thick and goopy, it is less likely to chip and on me it has definitely lasted longer than other OPI shades.

All in all, this is a pretty neat colour to have in your collection if you are a dark nail freak in the colder months, like I am. It's not quite as stark as a true black nailpolish but satisfies the craving for a dark nail. I think I'll forgo purchasing a true black polish this year as well since I've rediscovered this :)

What have you been wearing on your nails?


- Sandra