3 things... (New Year Beauty Inspiration)

As I was doing my nightly scavenging of the internet for all things beautiful, I came across this gorgeous image of Abbey Lee Kershaw for Tom Ford.

Three things came to mind!

1. how hot are those glasses? I want!
2. gorgeous makeup, I love the warm glossy red lip with the cool silvery eyeshadow
3. Abbey Lee is one of my favourite models ever!

I saved this image in a hurry and I am hoping to show this to my optometrist when I go in for my eye appointment later on this month. I think I may need glasses for seeing at a distance (I'm starting to notice my once perfect 20/20 vision being not up to par as of late)... so might as well try and get sexy and bold Tom Ford specs!
Only problem is I've never seen Tom Ford eyewear at any optician places near me... any advice for me, dear readers who wear glasses? How can I obtain such cool cat-eye frames?

Hope you're all having a great year so far!