In & Out 2.0

This is what's hot/cold for me at the moment:


- Twitter. I love Twitter and can't see it fading anytime soon.

- Jersey Shore season 4 taking place in Italy. I apologize in advance to all my Italian readers. I love Italy, I've been there twice (and hopefully more to come) and there's nothing that will amuse me more than seeing those orange clowns of Jersey Shore see what real Italians are like. Real Italian men are slim and stylish - not bulky, tan, Ed-Hardy clad "gorillas"... (sorry, Snooki!)

- these simple, slouchy leather clutches:

One of my girl friends posted this photo of herself modelling one of these bags and I immediately asked where it was from! Turns out it's from a young handbag designer from Romania, and she makes some beauuutiful stuff. I really want one! Click here to see more. The one I want costs $160 which isn't a lot for a finely crafted leather bag. I must get saving - and watch this space because when I do order I will definitely blog about it.

- Starbucks. I've been using my Air Miles to redeem for $25 Starbucks cards... so I've been trying out some new things. This week's favourites: their skinny green tea lattes and their blueberry bars. YUM!



- difficulty finding parking at school

- dehydrated skin! I'm seriously contemplating dishing out the money for the Chanel Hydramax Gel Cream... I have a sample and I'm in love... but am not in love with the price tag - $72... *gulp*... maybe once I use up my Chantecaille serum I will be able to justify this lovely cream.

That's about it for me today! Hope you're all having a great week :)