In & Out (the first one of 2011!)


- LUSH Cosmetic Warrior face mask... it smells like garbage but it's been amazing at refining my pores (review coming up!)

- even though summer is a long way away... pictures from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring Summer 2011 collection makes me so excited. I need more white in my wardrobe!

(obviously I'd extend all these sexy offerings by an inch or 5, but hey... they look amazing!)

- a new semester, a fresh start... I'm really getting into the groove of it so far - even though fast forward 2 months from now I'll be FML-ing my life away during exams.

- The Daily Mail. It's a British newspaper... full of nonsense and news... I read it every morning and I am addicted. They report on anything from natural disasters to the fact that Nicole Kidman uses Botox (um, is this news? She hasn't been able to move her face properly since 2004). This particular headline from today's page made me extra happy:

Simon's representatives have declined to comment on this incident.

- being on a spending ban for the month of January... I'm at day 12 and I'm doing well! Have purchased very few things this month, and the ones that I did purchase, I used gift cards from Christmas... so the premise of not spending my own hard-earned cash still stands! :) Join me and tweet me if you feel the urge to buy something new, I tend to be really good at talking myself and others out of buying things haha

- Tom Ford for Men cologne... smells like "sex on wheels", as Dara BelleDuJourNYC would say. It smells great on men, but I prefer to wear it on myself with a mix of a more feminine fresh scent.

- the crab & spinach dip at The Keg. The Keg is a Canadian restaurant chain, a steakhouse, if you will. I have been absolutely addicted to their crab spinach dip and have been consuming it on a weekly basis. If you're in Canada and happen to drop by The Keg... give it a go!


- snow storms. Come on! I'm over it already. Driving was a nightmare today.

- those big Mega Metal eyeshadows from the new MAC Peacocky collection. Does anyone really need a blush-sized eyeshadow in their life? Especially since half of us have palettes and little pots of eyeshadows building up in our drawers... and I have yet to hit pan on an eyeshadow! That collection is getting a big pass from me.

- since I'm on an eyeshadow rampage... the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I just don't get it. Yeah it's nice, yeah, it's handy. But is it worth the freakout every time it goes back in stock on a website? I don't think so... not for me, anyway. There are plenty of eyeshadows out there that keep me distracted.

All in all I'd say this is a pretty great start to 2011! I hope you're all doing wonderful.