Sunday evening drooling... handbag style

So since yesterday I posted about Louis Vuitton and some of my favourite structured nude/cream handbags the brand has to offer, I figured this evening I shift gears towards a few other brands that also offer stunning neutral bags that I would be more than happy to own and run off into the sunset with.

The first one is the ever-so-lovely Balenciaga City. I lovingly stare at them every time I see them in a boutique, but no colour offerings ever stole my heart as much as the colour Praline.
Balenciaga changes up their colour offerings every year (apart from the classic black and a handful of shades they have permanently) which can be both refreshing - if you're a collector - or frustrating if you're like me and fell for a colour that you weren't able to buy at the time.

They've come out with some similar nude shades but none struck me so much as Praline. Also, I prefer the small hardware on them, not covered.

Balenciaga City

On the darker side of things, there's no other black slouchy handbag that I'd rather have than a gorgeous Givenchy. Here's a photo of one in action and it just looks so beautiful! These also come in a myriad of colours/sizes/hardware options but the simple all black is the most striking to me.

Givenchy Nightingale

Last but not least, a bag I wouldn't mind owning in every colour (and the clutch version, and the wallet, and and and)... by Proenza Schouler. I picked a neutral cool beige since that's what I'm lusting for at the moment, but really these bags are just so cool and really my style. I'm really leaning towards this being my next big handbag purchase - if I don't get distracted by shoes, that is.

Proenza Schouler PS1

Alright I can now go to bed happy thinking about these beauties.

Hope you all had a great weekend :)