Testing the waters... Micellar waters, that is

You all know my love affair with Bioderma Sensibio, it was love at first makeup removal.
It was powerful (removed all my eye and face makeup effortlessly) and was gentle enough for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.
The only negative about it was that it costs $22 at Shoppers Drug Mart for the 250mL bottle, which I managed to use up rather quickly.

Last week when I jolted to Shoppers for a refill, I came across another product that claimed to do the same thing - Vichy Purete Thermale Micellar Solution

It was standing there in all its glory... for $20, and at 400 mL of product... almost DOUBLE the amount of the Bioderma at a smaller price... score!
I instantly grabbed it and happily walked out of the store.

After about a week of using it, here's what I have to say:
- the pump is useless, it just splatters all over the cotton ball... not really necessary for this type of product
- it has quite a heavy rose scent, which isn't bad, but it can be a bit overpowering
- leaves a slight residue on the skin
- effective makeup remover for face and lip makeup
- some extra rubbing required to get rid of stubborn mascara and eyeliner

The Verdict: it may be a better value for money, but it is not as good as Bioderma.
Bioderma is completely scent free (which I prefer, and I'm sure most of you ladies with sensitive skin would agree), and Bioderma removes all my eye makeup without that extra bit of effort, which is nice because the eye area is sensitive and you don't want to be rubbing it too heavily.

So while I will be using the Vichy micellar solution up, I wouldn't repurchase. If you don't wear a lot of liquid eyeliner or lots of mascara, the Vichy might suffice... but for me, Bioderma came out as the superior product.

Have any of you had any experiences (positive or negative) with this makeup remover?


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