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Eyeliner Wars: MAC Feline Power Kohl vs. Milani Liquif'eye Black Liner

SandraCosmetics, Drugstore, MAC, eyeliner

After watching LanaIndiana's eyeliner video a couple of days ago (in which, like the cutie she is, she applied two different eye liners - MAC Feline and Urban Decay 24/7 Zero - on her eyes and went about her day documenting their wear) I decided to follow suit and do my own little version.

Now in her tests, MAC Feline ended up a big fat disaster. I have never had such a problem with it and it has always been one of my favourite eyeliners so I thought it would be fair for me to share my experiences with the notorious eyeliner from MAC.

Now Feline is not a permanent offering - it pops in and out of limited edition collections but it offers the same thing every time: an intense smudgy black. I decided to pair it against one of my favourite cheaper liners, the Milani Liquif'eye eye liner pencil in black. Unfortunately I think it can only be found in the United States but if you do happen to have access to it, it's well worth the price!

These are the liners shortly after they were applied (about half an hour or so). Upon application, two main differences can be noted:
1) MAC Feline offered a more intense pigmentation right away
2) Milani Liquif'eye was a lot creamier and smoother during application, especially on the upper lid - I lined my eye in one fluid movement whereas the Feline was slightly less creamy

Now, due to the creaminess of both liners (a bit more on the Milani side), a bit of the waterline pigment was smudged into the lower lash line, so I just went over it with my finger for a smoky effect - which I always do with my eyeliner anyway, so all good!

This is the situation after 6 hours. Milani is slowly losing pigmentation on the waterline but quite evenly. Feline stays intense on most of the waterline but starts to migrate a bit towards the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Also, I should add that I do set my under-eye area with powder - I like to use Benefit's Powderflage to set my concealer and I find that it does help to prevent eyeliner from sliding so much as well.

After 10 hours they're still going. Feline is clearly holding up better on the waterline due to its more intense pigment, but both of them are great on the top lash lines and neither transfered to my brow bone.
Feline is starting to love farther down my eye in sections, though, while the Milani seems to just fade away quietly in the same area.

The Verdict: this was a close call and I would honestly repurchase both of these - for different reasons. I much preferred the smoothness of the Milani when applied to the upper lashline, but Feline definitely wins in the pigmentation on the waterline department.

Yes, they both smudge, and Feline maybe slightly more than Milani, but it's only after a good 6 hours of wear meaning you can still apply this on a night out and not worry about it sliding all over the place.
I know we all have different skins and some products might migrate more on some, but just wanted to show you guys that Feline isn't that scary, and I do think it's a very good kohl liner for sexy smudgy smoky eyes.

Only thing that is annoying about every kohl liner that I try (this doesn't happen with gel eyeliner) is that when they're smudged, they all have a bit of a bluish green haze about them.

What are your favourite eyeliners?