In & Out (February 11, 2011)

So it's been just over 10 days of my "1 Blog Post A Day" for the entire month of February attempt.

How am I doing so far?
Are you sick of reading my blabbering yet :) ?


- Dior Lip Glow... a simple lip balm that offers a beautiful rosy pink colour with a slight sheen... it's all I've been wearing these days

- Reading Week... a week off school starting February 18th! YAY! I plan on doing tons of videos so don't hesitate to post any requests in the comment section below.

- this Brian Lichtenberg dress. He's a pretty cool LA-based designer and while a lot of his dresses are a bit too "Kim Kardashian" for my liking, this one is just so fabulous. I love the intense gold glittery texture of the fabric.

- Happy Birthday Dad :)


- my closet. needs a clean-out ASAP.

- lack of motivation for studying... I really need to get started...

- terrible nails! In dire need of a manicure.