Mascara Wars: Diorshow Extase Vs. Makeup Forever Smoky Lash

I've gone on and on about my love (and hate) for Makeup Forever Smoky Lash mascara. I love the effect it has on my lashes - dramatic, thick, voluminous, doesn't transfer yet isn't a waterproof pain in the ass to remove. I hate the fact that it dries out so quickly, just over a month and a new tube needs to be purchased - at $22 a pop it's not exactly a bargain.

So in hopes of finding an alternative I went out on a whim and picked up Diorshow Extase mascara at Shoppers Drug Mart about two weeks ago.

Today I applied one mascara on one eye, and one on the other. Here's what went down:

Left: MUFE Smoky Lash Right: Diorshow Extase
(eye liner: Stila Convertible Eye Colour "Teak")

From a distance they are quite comparable. I can tell instantly that the formula on the Dior mascara will not dry out on me as quickly as Makeup Forever Smoky Lash - which is important, especially since Dior's mascara is $28.

However, my Smoky Lash still ends up winning my heart over. I took pictures of my eyes individually, with my proper camera and with my cell phone camera since it was able to get in closer and get a better shot:

Case 1:

Case 2:

ding ding ding!!! we have a winner

I'm going to use up my new Dior mascara and see how long it lasts before it starts getting dry and un-useable. But as of right now I wouldn't repurchase it.
Mascaras are quite fickle, though, and in about a month I could change my mind as some formulas gets better as they become oxygenated over time (a similar thing happened with Fresh Supernova mascara, hated it at first, loved it after a month!) so I will be sure to keep you all posted :)

For now, though, Smoky Lash still has my heart (and lashes!)