Mmmm... Chanel

I am such a Chanel fangirl. I can't help it. Anything from their cosmetics to their accessories and runway shows always impresses (except for maybe their costume jewelry...).

Since yesterday I expressed my strong desires to go to Paris this year, why not take the dream a bit further and share with you the one purchase I would love to make on my first trip to France - the ever so lovely Chanel Wallet On A Chain (or WOC, as it is abbreviated in the purse forums haha).

I love everything about it, except for maybe the price. The one pictured above costs in the $1500 range, which is pretty wacky for a wallet (on a chain!), but it's Chanel so it fits right in with their pricing structure.

It's a lovely timeless statement piece. I love the way it's worn in the picture I posted above as a day crossbody type of bag, and of course it can be a charming accessory to carry at a special event at night.

I absolutely love making special purchases like these while traveling. I try to associate each trip I make with a special purchase - so this Chanel baby needs to be acquired on a Paris trip. Maybe not on my first Paris trip, but I'm reserving it for one in the future :)

What do you think?