On the fence... foundation fence.

I'm in a foundation rut at the moment.

I'm about a week away from squeezing out the last pumps of YSL Teint Resist and I'm not consistently satisfied with Armani Luminous Silk. While it's perfect for daytime since it offers an extremely natural skin-like finish, I find it not enough coverage for me and not flawless enough for a big night out.
I always have to pack my concealer with me for touch ups around my nose and chin, and that's something I'm not really a fan of doing.

I'm kind of maybe thinking of repurchasing Chanel Pro Lumiere for night time...

When I purchased this foundation it was summer of 2009 and I feel like I have learned so many new tips and tricks since then. I've definitely gotten a lot better at makeup so I'm thinking that repurchasing this might be a good thing.

The main problem I had with it in the past was that it felt a bit too heavy at times on my combination-oily skin. But I just feel like every time I read a great review about it, it's making me want to give it another go.
I used Mat Lumiere as well and while it was great at keeping oils at bay, the application was a bit of a pain and again, it was better as a daytime foundation than a nighttime foundation.

I just want a sexy good coverage, natural finish foundation for nights out!

I suppose the purpose of this post (in which I'm mainly blabbering to myself) is to ask you, fellow readers, if you have any recommendations for me... should I give Chanel Pro Lumiere another go or are there better things out there?

I know Guerlain Lingerie De Peau is supposed to be pretty good, and Lancome Teint Miracle is also getting good reviews. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light looked nice but it broke me out... *sigh*


- Sandra