SandraCosmetics, Lipstick, Tom Ford

Quick update!

SandraCosmetics, Lipstick, Tom Ford
I've almost reached the end of my little "one blog post a day" for the month of February and wow - time absolutely flew by!

Today I really don't have much to say, I just got home from a weekend trip with some friends and I am absolutely exhausted. It was a ton of fun, though. Great food and great company in Toronto. I always enjoy myself when I go there. We spent most of our time just frequenting different lounges and restaurants, I only had one thing in mind that I wanted to purchase and I was so happy they had it in stock at Holt Renfrew:
Tom Ford Private Blend lipstick in the colour Blush Nude.

I've only gotten to wear it once and I LOVE it. Everything about it - the packaging, the smell, the smoothness, the colour. I will do a proper post and maybe try comparing the colour to some lipsticks I already own - at the moment I'd say that Blush Nude is a mix of YSL Rouge Volupte #1 and MAC Blankety so if you're a fan of those shades, you will definitely love this.
They have a few other colours that I have my eye on but I figured since they're so pricy (they set you back $45 if you're in the USA, $50 if you're in Canada... plus tax *gulp*) so I wanted my first one to be a colour I would actually wear a lot.

Have you tried these?