SandraSkincare, Sunscreen, summer


SandraSkincare, Sunscreen, summer

So today I was doing what any other normal person stuck at home during a snow storm would be doing - trying to mentally escape the north pole scenario by flipping through some magazines from the little pile on my nightstand.

I came across the June 2010 issue of Vogue and the beautiful editorial with Blake Lively in sexy surfer attire - and it got me excited and really looking forward to summer.

We don't really get a spring here, we get a long 5 months of cold annoying winter, then maybe a few weeks of rain and then BOOM, summer time.
So I still have a few months to go but I'm already starting to think about what SPF I will be trying out this year.

I must admit that in my teenage years I never really put much importance to sun protection. A foundation or body lotion with SPF 15 seemed to suffice, but the more I learned over the years and the older I get (*gulp* approaching mid 20's here!) I realized that I definitely need to be more diligent with this!

Last summer I was using the Neutrogena Sport SPF 45 Spray with Helioplex, and while it was great on my body, it didn't react too well with the skin on my face and chest, making it all patchy and strange. I'll finish the bottle I have on my legs/arms but I am on the hunt for a new facial SPF for this year.

I've heard great things about La Roche Possay sunscreens, as well as Vichy and Shiseido.
So many to choose from and they are not exactly cheap so I'd like to get it right on the first try if I can!

What are your recommendations for a good lightweight SPF for the face and chest for daytime?

As always I'm looking forward to your replies!