Things I've really been enjoying lately

As the title suggests...

- MAC Strobe Cream mixed with my foundation for a glowing complexion

- Essie's "A French Affair" collection, I totally fell in love with this when I saw it on display... the names, the shades *sigh* so I decided to make my second nailpolish purchase that I'm allowing myself for the year (I'm only allowing myself 5) - I bought the cube with 4 mini bottles of shades from this collection and so far I've worn two: Coat Azure and French Affair and I love both. Blog post to come! The reason I don't count these as 4 polishes is because each mini bottle has 5mL of polish, whereas a regular bottle contains 15mL... so ya know... I'm bending the rules here ;)

- Lucky Charms Cereal

- pretty much any song Drake is in

- Victoria Beckham's collection that she showed at NY Fashion Week today

- motorcycle boots... I have been wearing them for 2 months straight

- American Idol (not as bad as I thought without Simon!)

That's about it for me... keeping it light today since I'm still in the middle of exams.
Hope you all have a great week :)