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SandraTravel, Personal

Like many others, I'm sure, one of my "resolutions" this year (and every year, for that matter) is to do more traveling.

Last year's goal was accomplished quite well - I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful country of St. Lucia, the sinful (and ridiculously fun) Las Vegas, the stunning city of London and the even more beautiful Barcelona.

This year is no different. I've got a couple of little road trips planned out already in my own country - Montreal and Toronto are beautiful Canadian cities and I am eager to re-visit them this month.

This summer I am dying to go back to Europe. I want to visit my grandparents in Romania and then go from there - I'd love to go to Spain again and stay for a bit longer, and I have to go to Paris. I am very inspired by the beautiful Louis Vuitton City Guides, which they sell in stylish boxed sets in their stores and mobile versions of the guides are available as well through their Ample app for iPhone.

I've never used a city guide before - I'm more of a "Google and go" type of traveler but the idea of one of these cute stylish books guiding me through some cool spots in town is quite alluring.

Have any of you tried these city guides before? They would look so lovely on my bookshelf.