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Wrap bracelet at last!

SandraFashion, jewelry, sale
I'm not sure if you recall, but a few months ago I did a little blog post on wrap bracelets.
I was mesmerized by pricy offerings from Burberry and Chan Luu, amongst others, and while they were all stunning pieces, at $250 (and up) a piece, it just wasn't justifiable for me to spend that much on a wrap bracelet... so I put my wrap bracelet craving to rest and hadn't thought about it.

A few days ago I strolled into Banana Republic with my friend and we were digging through their clearance jewelry section when I found this super cute brown leather wrap bracelet with silver detailing. The leather was super smooth and soft, and on the price tag it was reduced from $35.90 to $17.99

I happily snatched it and walked to the register to pay for it, and at the check-out I was extremely happy to find out that it only cost $2.85... score!

At $2.85 you really can't go wrong with a real leather wrap bracelet. I haven't taken it off since the day I bought it and it looks really good paired together with my gold Michael Kors watch.

Usually things never go my way at the register, but this time they did! Hurray!
...and to think that I was even thinking about spending $285 on a designer bracelet... my wrap bracelet craving has finally been satisfied ;)