A Challenge for March...

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, birds are chirping and all that good stuff...
March has finally arrived and spring is slowly creeping back into my life!

Last month I challenged myself to do a blog post every single day, this month is a bit of a different challenge and I was inspired by Yuliya to join "Eyes Of March" - which means using a different eyeshadow each day this month!
Now on some days I don't wear any eyeshadow (for example yesterday) so there was no use in boring you with stating that. But each time I do put eyeshadow on, I will document it and let you know what I've used!

Now, if I use one eyeshadow as a lid colour one day, and then as a crease colour with a new, different eyeshadow another day - that's perfectly fine. The key here is just to try and incorporate a new, different colour each time.
It's a perfect little challenge for those of us who own so much eyeshadow yet we get stuck in a rut (*cough* my bare study-brule-wedge rut or my satin taupe-taupe grise rut). It's cool to get re-aquainted with some forgotten favourites from our collections.

Now I'm still going to do different posts as well this month - doing straight up eyeshadow posts only might get a bit dull, but if I do have a different eyeshadow on that day, I will include it at the bottom of the post - or if I'm not using any eyeshadow at all that day, you'll know because I just won't mention it!

Without further ado, today's "eye":

MAC Bare Study (base)
MAC Shroom (lid)
Chanel Vert Khaki (crease and outer V)
MAC Raven Kohl Power (liner)
Eyeko Big Eyes mascara

What do you think of this little challenge?