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John Frieda 3 Day Straight - Review

Sandrajohn frieda

I was never a fan of straight hair on myself. My hair is quite thin and fine, and whenever I tried straightening it myself, it would look flat and dull. The only time it ever looks nice straight is after a professional blow dry.

A few weeks ago I started hearing lots of good things about this new John Frieda product, called 3 Day Straight. I bought it on a whim (it wasn't expensive, I got it for $8.99 at Ulta in the US, at Shoppers Drug Mart of course it has an inflated price - $15.99), I have used it three times since and I absolutely love it!

I'm not sure what the science behind it is, or how it works, but the main idea is you spray this all over your hair while it is wet/damp, then you blow dry your hair completely dry and follow up with a straightening iron. It's supposed to keep your hair smooth and straight for three days without any kinks or curls (I usually always get a strange funky curl in the back the next day after I straighten my hair).

The first time I used it, I did exactly what I was told - I sprayed it all over my hair and then blow dried and followed up with a straightening iron. I had pin straight hair for three days, as promised.
Now personally I don't like pin straight hair on myself, so the next two times that I used the product, I skipped the straightening part and I still absolutely love the results.

I finally was able to get my hair to stay sleek and smooth after blow drying it myself - it finally looks the way it does after a professional blow dry!
It's not completely straight but rather just more smooth and sleek, with a bit of body to it.
I'm so happy! I can finally have straight-ish hair again and not hate every second of it. I still love my wavy voluminous hair but it's a nice change from time to time and I'm glad this product worked so well for me.

There are a ton of other reviews for this product on blogs and youtube, but I figured I share my experience as well since we all have different hairstyles and textures. My hair is long (chest-length), thin, coloured, and naturally wavy. It takes about 10 sprays of product to get it evenly distributed throughout.

Have you tried this product yet? I definitely think it's worth giving a try. Even if you have tons of hair and it might not keep it pin straight the entire time, I definitely think it would help in keeping it sleek and frizz-free for longer!