Long sleeves, short dresses

Today I wanted to blog about one of my favourite types of dresses (the other favourite being the standard sleeveless shift dress) - long-sleeved and short!

I don't have enough of these and I'm always searching for that perfect addition to my closet. I love simple, well-made dresses that can be accessorized multiple ways and can be worn again and again. I find this particular style incredibly flattering on me as I have quite long legs and I don't like showing too much chest/shoulders most of the time.

I've collected some pieces that caught my eye from around the Internet and thought I would share:
nude belted dress with leather cuffs by A.L.C.

long sleeved mini dress with shoulder detailing by RED Valentino

long voluminous sleeves, silk dress by Elizabeth and James

The Elizabeth and James one is my favourite, it has a deep V in the back as well making it even sexier! I've been following it on random sites like a hawk hoping it goes on sale because I'm not willing to pay full price for it (which, with tax/customs would come at over $400 -___- )

Are you a fan of these types of dresses? Are you like me and like to "hunt" for particular pieces online until you find them on sale or find a similar style that fits within your budget?

Hope you all had a great weekend!