Tuesday night beauty product drooling...

How perfect are these Le Metier De Beaute blush/bronzer duos?
Excuse me while I drool...

...5 minutes later...

Where was I again? Oh, right - another beauty product I'm anxious to try out in person by Le Metier De Beaute. I keep meaning to get more into the brand but sadly I haven't had the chance to go to the USA recently and raid a Neiman Marcus beauty department.

As far as I know, they do two different shades - Traviata, which is a bright coral with bronzer, and Romeo & Juliet which is a bright pink with bronzer:

Romeo & Juliet

My eyes lean towards Traviata but I feel like almost all of my blushes are warm-toned, a slightly cool toned pink would be a more welcomed addition, plus I love the Romeo & Juliet name more. The bronzer shade is the same in both. At $65 a piece, these definitely need some more thought before buying - aren't they just beautiful though? Literally all I would need for a summer on the go :)

Which one would you pick?