Attack of the mini skincare items: the sequel


I recently decided to spend 500 beauty insider points from Sephora because at last they had something I actually wanted to try: a set of deluxe samples by Boscia.

Always was keen on trying this line, and this little packet is great - it contains a generous portion of their cooling cleansing oil, a light daytime moisturizer with SPF15, a skin perfecting primer, oil blotting sheets and an eye cream.

I already know that I am repurchasing both the blotting sheets and the cleansing oil (so good for night time - in the winter I use my Cetaphil lotion to massage my skin and melt makeup off before I rinse and cleanse, but this cooling cleansing oil by Boscia is an ideal option for summer since it's much lighter).
I haven't tried anything else yet but new skincare gets me excited and I have a positive impression of the brand thus far.

Have you tried anything by Boscia?

I feel like my skin has really changed lately and I can now try to focus on improving the overall luminosity and texture of my skin rather than all the acne treatments I was trying before since I have finally managed to keep my acne at bay (La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo still remains my weapon for when those pesky bumps reappear).