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Currently Lusting: Alexis Bittar Boa Bracelets

SandraDroolworthy, jewelry

I never really paid much attention to Alexis Bittar jewelry, I had seen it online before on various sites but I finally got to check some pieces out in person at an Intermix store and absolutely fell in love. They are not cheap (which is preventing me from taking the plunge at the moment, they cost somewhere between $95-$190 depending on style) but I want to keep them in mind and bring them to the attention of other people as well because I think they're so cool.

I posted about one of the necklaces that really caught my eye a few posts ago, and I have since discovered the bracelets from the similar line, called Boa.

I assume they have the name "Boa" because the texture of the chain resembles a snake, but anyway, I just love the look. It's simple yet bold, if that makes any sense. Just my type of jewelry. They sell this line on various sites like Shopbop and Intermix.

Have you seen something similar at a more student-friendly price point? I'm definitely keeping an eye out!