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Cuticle S.O.S.

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As winter is finally coming to an end, it's time to take the dark polishes off of my nails and to dive into the beautiful neutrals and pastels of spring.
With those neutrals and pastels, I find that my nails and fingers have to be in perfect condition in order for me to pull them off. Dark polishes are much more forgiving.

I've already mentioned this product before in other posts so I'm just briefly going to talk about it again - Sally Hansen's instant cuticle remover is a great product for the maintenance of clean and good-looking nail beds. It dissolves all the excess dried up cuticle pieces that like to "crawl" up my nails. All I do is apply the gel over my cuticle area, wait about a minute, then gently push back my cuticles with one of those wooden sticks, then all the excess dissolved pieces just wash away in the sink with soap and water.

This shouldn't be done more than once a week because it can be quite irritating if done too often.

The only thing I am still needing in order to resurrect my fingers for spring is a good cuticle conditioner, what are your favourites?

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend,

- Sandra